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More Than Just An Art Gallery

For some of the finest oil paintings in Columbia, visit Rob Shaw Gallery and Framing. I curate works of art that you might fancy viewing or even taking home. If you like what you see, I can also create a custom piece of fine art for you.

Here’s a bit more on my art—my art style, where to find my work, and how to get a custom Rob Shaw oil painting.

What Is Rob Shaw’s Style Of Painting Called?

I am a palette knife painter. You might know the palette knife as a tool for mixing paint on a palette, but it can do so much more than that! In fact, you can use a palette knife to create effects and use techniques that you wouldn’t be able to do with a brush. Some contemporary artists like me favor the palette knife so much that we often don’t use brushes anymore. Both oil and acrylic paint can be used for palette knife painting, though I personally prefer using oil on canvas.

One of the best things about this style of painting is the wide array of textures that you can get with a palette knife. Sharp lines can be made using the edge of the palette knife. You can achieve the broad, sweeping strokes of impasto, or create interesting effects through sgraffito or scratching into the paint. You can even paint wet on wet—that is, painting on top of wet layers without the paint blending together. A palette knife really allows you to put layers of paint together in a distinct way compared to a brush.

Palette knife painting isn’t just great for texture. Color is another area where palette knife painting really shines. A palette knife is an excellent tool for dragging colors into each other, making very stark edges, and creating shifts in color. You can also get distinct broken color effects through this style. The effects that can be achieved through palette knife painting will depend on how much paint is used, how much pressure is applied on the canvas, and what angles the palette knife is used at.

Can I Commission Oil Paintings?

Yes! I am more than willing to create a hand-painted piece of fine art for you. You might like one of my original oil paintings but find that it’s too big or too small for your wall or space. Maybe there’s scenery that you love—a favorite spot in Columbia perhaps—or a meaningful memory you want to preserve? Or maybe you need a specific color palette to match a room or your new place? Whatever your reasons might be, I’d be glad to make an oil painting for you.

If you’ve never had a painting commissioned before, here are some things to consider. What image do you have in mind for the painting? I can definitely come up with something myself if you don’t have any particular ideas, but a clear vision of what you want would also be of great help.

What are the dimensions of the wall where you intend to place the painting? What size of painting would you like to have? What color is the wall? Is there a motif to the furniture, fabrics, and wallpaper in the room? Is there good lighting in the room? All this information will help me create a piece of art that really suits your space.

You might want to consider my framing services as well! I am a professional framer and I have all the materials and skills to make the perfect frame for your painting. I have years of experience in framing, and I can customize the perfect frame to match both the painting and the room it’ll be placed in.

Can I Have A Piece Of Fine Art Shipped To Me?

Yes, I can arrange for shipping straight to your location. If you’d like to see me in person so we can discuss your future piece of fine art, you can visit my art gallery at 324 State Street, West Columbia

You may also reach me through, or by phone at (803) 369-3159. I’d love to bring some art into your life, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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