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Picture Hanging Services You Can Trust

Have you ever tried to put something up on your wall? Maybe a nice piece of art, a decorative mirror, or a photograph to liven up the room. If you’ve tried it yourself—successfully or otherwise—maybe you’ve experienced the frustration that comes with trying to get everything just right.

Hanging something on a wall isn’t just a matter of sticking a nail in there and letting the frame dangle from it. It’s a delicate and precise art that requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Imagine exerting so much effort trying to hang a nice painting, only to find afterwards that it’s not level, or that it’s slightly off-center. Worse, imagine hearing a crash and finding broken glass all over the floor because your precious artwork fell on account of improper hanging.

That is why you need a professional! When you’re dealing with valuable works of art, fragile mirrors, or large frames, you don’t want to risk haphazardly hanging these things yourself. A little DIY is enough for some things around the house, but hanging services require experienced hands.

What Items Can I Have Hanged?

I can hang just about anything on your walls! Rob Shaw Gallery And Framing provides an art hanging service and mirror hanging service, among many other things.

If you have large groupings of frames, for instance, I’ll make sure that they’re spaced evenly and have perfect alignment. If you have a decorative art mirror, I’ll choose the best placement for it and make sure that it remains as steady and sturdy as the wall it hangs from.

What Clients Do You Accept?

I accept both residential and commercial clients. I have years of experience with hanging, so I’ve dealt with all kinds of art and all kinds of walls and spaces. No home or building is too big or too small for me. From single pictures to multiple walls of frames, I will find the optimal hanging methods and placement for your items no matter what the obstacle.

  • If you’re moving into a new home or redecorating, let me help you make the most out of your photographs and paintings!

  • Maybe your building has just undergone a renovation? You’ll definitely want a professional to rehang your artwork so you can get it out of the way quickly and safely.

  • If you want to shake up your office lobby and give it a fresh look, I would love to help you with that too!


Why Should You Trust Me?

As a professional artist, my keen eye and artistic gifts will help me advise you on the best placement for your paintings, mirrors, and photographs.

Maybe you have pictures of different shapes and sizes that you’re not sure how to arrange or put together? Maybe you own paintings in vastly different styles and color palettes and you don’t know which one should go where? Whatever your situation, you can’t go wrong taking advice on aesthetics from a practicing artist!

Being a professional framer has given me a deeper understanding of the actual mechanics of hanging items:

  • I’ve seen and made all kinds of frames in countless materials. 

  • I know when a frame is durable enough for hanging and when it needs better mounting support. 

  • I’ll be able to spot any issues with large artwork or mirrors before they’re put up on the wall. 

  • I know what kinds of anchors and fasteners are appropriate for different items being hanged. 

  • I’ll always use the right hanging mechanisms for proper weight distribution.

I can even hang art on complicated or tricky surfaces; high wall? Not a problem. Angled ceilings, concrete walls, brick surfaces? I’ve done them all. I know the proper techniques to keep your artwork safe, steady, and secure.

What Other Services Come With Hanging?

Rob Shaw Gallery And Framing also offers delivery, art moving, and placement consultation. I handle your items with the utmost care and professionalism. Your art will always arrive on time and in pristine condition.

Picture Hanging Services And More, Only From Rob Shaw Gallery And Framing

If you have any inquiries or you would like to arrange a visit so I can see the space I’ll be working with, you can contact me through email at, or by phone at (803) 369-3159. Feel free to consult with me in person as well by visiting my art gallery at 324 State Street, West Columbia.

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