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The Best Choice For All Your Custom Framing Needs

Think about your most beautiful works of art, your best photographs, your most prized documents and possessions. I’m sure that at one point or another, you’ve thought about preserving them and showing them off. After all, it’s what these treasures truly deserve.

Something often overlooked in this regard is the presentation. The right frame can really do wonders in bringing out the beauty in an image. A frame is not just a frame! A frame complements and completes a piece of fine art. With the right materials, the right construction, and the right design, a frame becomes part of the art itself.


With valuable works of art, nothing less than professional custom framing will do. A good frame designer will bring out the best in every painting and every picture, and that’s what I can do for you.

How Long Does The Custom Framing Process Take?

On average, an art framing job will take around two weeks. But if you’re really pressed for time I can get it done in one day for an extra fee.

How Does Custom Framing Work?

Unlike going to a store and just picking a frame that fits, there are no shortcuts when it comes to custom picture frames. A professional framer will not only frame your art but will also ensure its protection and preservation.

Fine art framing is a collaborative effort between me and each client. My shop has an extensive array of materials to choose from, and for some clients that can be a little daunting. But don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for years. I will guide you through every step of the process so that we can arrive at the best combination of materials and design that will suit your artwork and your budget.

Is There Anything I Should Do To Prepare?

You can expect that I will be asking a few questions to know more about the item being framed and where it’s intended to go. These are just simple queries:

  • What’s your wall color? 

  • What are the furniture and fabrics like in the room where the framed item will go? 

  • Is there a particular aesthetic to the space? 

  • Do you have a specific vision or specific ideas for the framing? 

  • Will the artwork be a focal point of the room, or will it be joining other pieces? 

  • What’s your budget and expected turnaround time for the project?


After these preliminary considerations, we’ll get to decision-making on the actual frame. The major decisions you will have to make are choosing the mat, the frame, and the glass.

The Mat

A mat draws attention to the artwork by creating a border that separates it from the frame. A mat also serves a functional purpose apart from an aesthetic one: to prevent the artwork from sticking to or touching the glass.

There are various kinds of mats, including paper mats, 100% cotton rag mats, and conservation or archival mat boards. You can choose to have no mat, more than one mat, or even a color-contrasting mat. We’ll work together to find the mat that enhances your artwork.

The Frame

Frames come in a wide variety of materials and frame styles. There are metal frames, wood frames, resin frames, floater frames, and much more. Before you get overwhelmed, remember that you’ve already answered my preliminary questions. Based on your answers, I’ll be able to make suggestions on what I think are the best options for your artwork.

Once your selections have been finalized, the material is custom cut to the appropriate frame size. You will be getting a frame that’s been handcrafted for your artwork and your artwork alone.

The Glass

When choosing glass, you’re essentially deciding on the level of protection necessary for your artwork. There are different kinds of glass or “glazing” for your frame, including regular plate glass, conservation clear glass, “museum glass,” and acrylic or Plexiglas. There are also instances when it’s better to choose no glass, such as with oil or acrylic paintings that need room to breathe.

Will My Artwork Leave Rob Shaw Gallery And Framing?


No. All items to be framed stay on the premises, and all of my framing is done in-house. You can trust that you’re getting high-quality custom framing, all done by my hand. Your artwork is important to me, and I will personally ensure that every step in the framing process is done impeccably. I hold myself accountable for every frame that leaves my shop, and I treat each framing job as if the items are my own.

What Is The Largest Size For Fine Art Framing And Picture Framing?

The largest size that I usually do is up to 10 feet. If you would like to have something even larger framed, I’m more than willing to discuss possibilities to see what I can do for you.

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