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Your One-Stop Art And Frame Shop

Imagine the most breathtaking views of nature—the lush green countryside, clouds reflecting off a clear blue lake, the crispness of mountain air, all the colors of the sunset.

Now imagine that on your wall. Right there for you to enjoy whenever you’d like.

But the image is still missing something… It’s missing a frame that completes the view. After all, beautiful works of art shouldn’t just go bare on your wall. A good frame will showcase and preserve your artwork while complementing the room that it’s in. The finest works of art deserve the finest presentation, and custom framing will bring out the best in every painting and photograph.

As a gifted artist and experienced professional framer, I have a broad range of skills that can be of immense value to you and your home. Everyone deserves to have art in their lives, and everyone needs someone to trust with artistic direction. So, whether it’s painting that beautiful artwork, framing it, or hanging it, I’m here to help!

What Can I Do For You?

Rob Shaw Gallery And Framing is a frame shop, art studio, and art gallery, all in one spot. I handle a diverse range of art jobs and requests from fine arts enthusiasts, professional artists, and even corporate clients.

Here’s a quick roundup of the products and services that I offer:

A Frame Shop With A Wide Variety Of Customization Options

I can turn your beloved documents, photographs, and artifacts into works of art using a wide array of materials available at my frame shop. Each step in the custom framing process is a collaborative effort between me and my clients. I’ve been a professional framer for years, so you can trust my insight and experience to guide each decision you make. I can guarantee that I’ll create a frame that completes your artwork, enhances your home, and satisfies your budget.

I can bring to life any vision you might have in mind or I can even help you create your own. I can customize all kinds of frames, from more traditional frames in metal or wood to floater frames and shadow boxes. My frame shop has numerous frame and mat options, and I can advise you on the best options for your artwork, especially if you have long-term preservation in mind. Professional framers are trained not only in frame-making and customization, but also in the conservation and protection of all kinds of art and documents.

Painting Classes Taught By A Skilled, Award-Winning Expert

For budding artists, I teach a class each Wednesday Evening using Acrylics. We complete a painting each week. Beginner and experienced painters welcome.

I guarantee professional art instruction that will be worth your time, money, and effort. You can count on my skill level to help elevate yours. I offer class at different times of the week to help fit your schedule. Take a look at our class calendar and give me a call today!

An Art Gallery Of Fine Pieces By A True Artist


If you’d rather view and collect art than make it, I have a gallery of artwork that you’re more than welcome to visit. You’ll see that I draw a lot of inspiration from South Carolina’s landmarks and vistas. I want people to connect with my art, and to connect with people through my art.

I hope that you’ll enjoy what you see—and maybe even enjoy it enough to take a painting or two home with you. Check out my gallery today.

Picture Hanging Services By An Experienced Professional

Some things are best left to the professionals—like hanging large photos or frames, especially on tricky surfaces. If the installation isn’t done properly, you risk damaging your beautiful works of art, ruining your walls, and injuring yourself or others. I can install all kinds of art, frames, and mirrors in your home or building. I can deliver and move art for you, and you can also consult me on the best placement for your pieces.

From large mirrors to groupings of frames, I’ve hung them all. Leave the installation to me and you can be confident that your frames will be safe and secure.

Who is Rob Shaw?

Hi, i'm Rob Shaw. I graduated from the University of South Carolina (USC) with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio. In the years after my graduation, I have had numerous individual and group shows in South Carolina galleries. 

In 2005, I won second place in the NBSC Oil Painter’s Invitational, an art show that traveled the state for a year. In 2008, I won Best in Show (Professional Division) at the South Carolina State Fair for my piece ‘Green Mist on Gervais.’ In 2016, I was juried into ArtFields in Lake City.

My paintings are part of many private collections all over the United States and even Europe. You can also find my work at First Citizens Bank and The Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties.

How Can You Reach Me?

Rob Shaw Gallery And Framing is located at 324 State Street, West Columbia. It’s open Mondays through Fridays from 10 AM until 6 PM. On Saturdays, the gallery is open from 11 AM until 4 PM.

For any inquiries on painting classes, picture hanging services, artwork commissions, and the like, please feel free to reach out through You may also contact me by phone at (803) 369-3159. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know what I can do for you.

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